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NCR Silver IPad POS And PayPal Video

NCR Silver iPad POS and PayPal Video

NCR Silver iPad POS Systems

NCR Silver iPad POS system is a mobile point of sale system. Using an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, NCR Silver helps you run your business, connect with customers, and sell anywhere. With PayPal, customer check out is faster than ever before.

Thanks to EMV card reader technology designed to work with NCR Silver, your business will be ready for the future of payments.

With an NCR Silver chip reader, you can take payments from traditional magnetic stripe cards as well as the newer chip cards. You’ll even be ready to receive contactless payments, like Apple PayTM. And unlike other POS solutions, NCR Silver gives you maximum flexibility by letting you keep your existing payment processor. You’ll also get our award-winning customer service to help you get up and running.

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